Welcome To My Blog!

Hi, I am Meenal

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and a vivid developer as well as dreamer :D.

My Outreachy Experience

Modifying Expectations

Hey Folks! So here I am in the 7th week of my internship with the Matrix community. This could be considered as the midpoint of my internship & looking back I can see my skills growing. Initially I only used to care about the green-checks in the CI but after lines of review from myContinue reading “Modifying Expectations”

Everybody Struggles!

Introduction¬† Everybody struggles while starting a new job or internship. There is nothing to hesitate when asked about struggles you faced during the internship. You come across new language, new codebase, new working environment, hence it may take some time of hardship and struggles to overcome your problems. The only thing which matters is consistencyContinue reading “Everybody Struggles!”

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